How can the use of digital solutions help to better deal with the emerging challenges and to further optimize the power distribution network in India?

BRPL is the Joint venture Company of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd and Govt. of NCT of Dehli and is in the business of power distribution in the city of Dehli, India. They distribute power to an area spread over 750 and has appx. 2,5 million consumers and serves 43% of total Delhi’s consumption.

BRPL recognize the emerging challenges the power distribution network in India is facing and will in the months to come work together with Kongsberg Digital to explore the use of digital solutions to analyse the latter’s grid operations.

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within Maritime, Oil and Gas and Utilities. We offer expertise and reliability, helping customers anticipate change, embrace new technologies and work smarter. 

“In this collaboration, we will investigate how our solutions can help analyse BSES BRPL’s data with the purpose of gaining greater insight into the capabilities and specific needs of the power distribution network” says Lasse Jamt, VP Utilities in Kongsberg Digital.

BRPL is committed to energy efficacy and adoption of green technologies and is positive that this collaboration will provide them digital tools and insight to better deal with emerging challenges and capitalize opportunities that lies ahead.

“I am sure; this smart grid collaboration with Kongsberg Digital that brings together two leaders in their respective domains will help us further optimize Discom’s grid operations” says Amal Sinha, BRPL CEO.

Together, the companies will explore customization needs for Kongsberg Digital’s solutions for Indian distribution network conditions and the possibility of entering into a definitive memorandum of understanding for further collaboration.