Kongsberg Digital partners with USN to develop cloud-based simulation exercises for the global training market

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) to develop cloud-based simulation exercises for the international maritime education market.

As an industry-leading pioneer of cloud-based simulation software, KDI is driving the evolution of cloud simulation technology as a sustainable and immersive supplementary tool for building competencies within the maritime industry. In order to scale up the scope of maritime training, the company has signed a partnership agreement with USN. This is the first commercial agreement with an external partner and will enable USN to develop its cloud-based training products and distribute them globally via KDI’s digital platform, K-Sim Connect.

The aims of the partnership complement both the cloud-based maritime simulation initiative supported by Innovation Norway – which has the aim of addressing the global need for easily accessible, high quality, simulation-based training solutions for teaching and practicing navigation – and the COAST (Centre of Excellence in Maritime Simulator Training and Assessment) project, for which USN is the host institution.

Petter Aasen, Rector at USN, observes: “The move from physical simulators to cloud-based solutions will enhance our educational programs and make us ready for the future of maritime professional training. The teaching methods and technology developed through this partnership will strengthen the quality and relevance of maritime training, both continuing and advancing education for a working life that is changing rapidly. At the same time, it enables USN to strengthen our position as an international provider”.

“For KDI, this agreement means that we can both develop and ensure the quality of our cloud simulations in cooperation with a partner with extensive competence in using simulators for education and research purposes,” comments Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President, Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

Cloud simulator solutions will also be adapted for post-qualification training and will contribute to simplifying the process of regular certificate renewals, increasing opportunities and flexibility within the sphere of maritime education.

“In the future we will welcome more partners to provide simulation exercises and other services on the platform with the aim of creating an entire ecosystem for the maritime education and training industry,” concludes Jagtøyen.