Olympic Subsea to deploy Vessel Insight across its fleet

Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce that Olympic Subsea, one of the world’s leading operators in the subsea and renewable energy markets, will be installing Vessel Insight across its entire fleet as a means of accessing, collecting and consolidating a full range of mission-critical data.

Olympic Artemis will be the first Olympic Subsea ship to deploy Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight and Vessel Performance data infrastructure and performance monitoring solutions (Photo: Sara Sanches-Quinones)

With its stated aim of becoming the most specialized and best-performing partner in the blue energy sector, Olympic Subsea’s fleet-wide upgrade to Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight data infrastructure service will enable the company to continue the digitalization journey which began with its implementation of KDI’s Vessel Performance solution for energy usage and operational monitoring. The first vessel in the fleet to deploy the complete KDI rollout will be Olympic Artemis.

With the new Vessel Insight installation, Olympic Subsea plans to collect all essential data points from its vessels in order to extract the full potential from data-driven missions. With complete access to all contextualized data across its entire fleet, the company will come even closer to realizing its goal of operating the most modern, flexible and fit-for-purpose vessels in the field of subsea and renewable operations.

“We always thoroughly enjoy working with companies that are ambitious in setting goals and grasping the massive potential for positive change through technology,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President of Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. “With Vessel Insight, Olympic Subsea will be able to use data to analyze, predict and improve processes for individual vessels and the whole fleet, enabling the company to deliver on its goals for safety, efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.”

“Environmental focus has always been and will continue to be at the core of Olympic Subsea’s strategy,” adds Glenn Erik Valø, Commercial Manager, Olympic Subsea. “By using state-of-the-art diesel-electric hybrid technology, we have minimized our environmental footprint, and KDI’s Vessel Insight will be an invaluable aid for bringing about further optimization.  It will provide relevant data and efficiency analyses both for shore management teams and the officers on board our vessels, and will assist us in taking further steps and making better decisions in the continued effort to minimize our environmental footprint. We look forward to working closely with Kongsberg Digital, a company renowned for its future-focused approach, to further develop game-changing digital solutions.”

The Vessel Insight delivery will commence in August 2021.