Kyma jumps aboard the Kognifai Partner Program

(OSLO 18 February 2021) Through the Kognifai Partner Program, Vessel Insight users will now gain access to Kyma's applications. First out is Kyma Data Analysis application for statistical modelling of ship performance data. 

The first of several applications that will become available to Vessel Insight customers is Kyma Data Analysis. This application has previously only been available to Kyma’s premium online customers but will now also become available as a standalone application in the Kognifai Marketplace. The application helps customers gain insight in their power distribution, speed and fuel consumption to reduce their emissions. The next applications in line, expected to be ready and integrated with Vessel Insight, is their charter party and notification center applications.

More possibilities 

For customers, the partnership between Kyma AS and KONGSBERG means KONGSBERG’s vessel-to cloud data infrastructure will feed data seamlessly to Kyma’s applications. The Data Analysis application generates reports, as required, based on these measurements, including graphical, numerical, and predicted values based on the dataset used. It permits the user to take action to raise the ship performance and make decision to optimize the ship efficiency. With Kyma, customers of Vessel Insight get vessel data and comparison of any parameter available, collected with high frequency.  With these, reports are generated to obtain insights from the data collected by establishing relational comparison and statistical analysis of the variables available. 

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