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Kongsberg Digital welcomes Yxney to the Kognifai Partner Program

(Asker, 08.03.2021) Kongsberg Digital and Yxney, an energy efficiency specialist helping customers achieve combined savings of more than 60 000 tons of CO2 in 2020, team up to offer shipowners and operators a unique tool for fleet energy management. Their Maress application will be made available to all Vessel Insight users on the Kognifai Marketplace on the 8th of March 2021 .

Yxney's Maress application is a digital management solution for decarbonizing maritime operations, providing vessel owners and operators with insight needed to reduce fuel consumption and emission footprint. Maress facilitates transparency and a new way of collaborating towards industry emission targets. A unique baseline based on historic performance is calculated for every activity for every vessel. With an up to date and real-time overview of the operations of each vessel -and the total fleet, Maress makes analyzing the effect of individual energy saving initiatives, or whole programs easier. By January 2021, approximately 300 vessels are using Maress within the core segments offshore and shipping. Yxney has experienced rapid growth the past few years, demonstrated by an approximately 100 percent increase in its customer base from 2019 to 2020. The rapid growth suggests an increasing demand for data-driven solutions that reduce fuel consumption, costs, and environmental impact for shipowners and energy companies.

“Since going public in 2013, Dorian LPG Ltd. has been a forerunner in implementing the latest technology in the maritime industry, and we are very happy to function in that capacity by delivering Vessel Insights services to their fleet. This contract emphasizes the untapped potential and value of collecting data to analyze, predict and improve processes for vessels and fleets, especially given the current environment of the maritime industry where gaining a competitive edge and decarbonizing while meeting new regulations is key to survival and success. Vessel Insight will ensure that Dorian is properly equipped to meet their goals.”, says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

Vessel Insight is a SaaS based solution that provides vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure capturing and aggregating quality data in a cost effective and secure way. The solution provides instant and easy access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and data analysis tools. In addition, through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers have access to a large range of applications and services, now including Yxney`s Maress, that can offer further synergies, and are able to unlock immediate effects and savings when they start using it. The Partnership will add greater value to all users of KONGSBERG`s vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure solution, Vessel Insight. By being part of the Kognifai Marketplace, Yxney can reach more customers in need of their solution.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Kongsberg Digital on this important initiative. In surveying the market, we felt that Kongsberg Digital had developed a great product that meets our needs and should begin to deliver results promptly.”, says John C. Lycouris, CEO, Dorian LPG (USA) LLC.

The partnership was signed by Yxney Maritime and Kongsberg Digital on January 27th, 2021 and the Yxney Maress application will be available on the Kognifai Marketplace on the 8th of March 2021.

Yxney Maress application in Kognifai Marketplace

Learn more about Yxney Maress

For MORE information on thE partnership, please contact:

Mathilde Vik Magnussen
VP Marketing and Communications, Kongsberg Digital

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