Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin solutions renamed to Kognitwin

Kongsberg Digital will from now on name their digital twin solutions Kognitwin, across industries. The driver for this change is due to a lack of a common specific understanding of digital twins, their advancement level, components and capabilities.

The Kognitwin is the specific digital twin solution delivered by Kongsberg Digital (pending trademark), with noted components, such as multi-purpose simulation (physical models), cloud-architecture, complete with industry-grade APIs, providing capabilities such as hybrid analytics and machine learning leveraging synthetic data, what-if scenario analysis, self-service analytics and enterprise data contextualization. It is an underpinning component in Kongsberg Digital’s goal of enabling higher degrees of autonomy within the heavy asset industries.

The Kognitwin is named after the digital ecosystem at the core, Kognifai, and the capital K is a proud nod to KONGSBERG’s 200-year-old legacy as a provider of cutting-edge technology for critical operations. It is also partially derived from the word cognition – the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses – and partially from the concept of digital twin solutions. This is meant to signify that the solution is more advanced than ie a digital twin as a mere visualization tool.

The components and capabilities of the Kognitwin will vary somewhat across industries. As of now Kongsberg Digital’s two main digital twin solutions are Kognitwin Grid for the utilities sector and Kognitwin Energy for the oil and gas sector.