We are looking for seven individuals

The maritime industry is on the verge of a digital disruption – it will not only change the way vessels are operated and maintained, but also the way the entire logistic value chains will interact and function. Existing business models will be challenged, and new ones will arise.

Kongsberg Digital is looking to take a leading role in the transformation of the industry towards more efficient, safer and more sustainable operations. We are now looking for extraordinary individuals to join us on our mission to digitalize the maritime industry. This will be a truly unique opportunity to make an impact in an global industry currently responsible for carriage of 90% of world trade.

At KONGSBERG we recognise the challenges in the world and dedicate ourselves to resolving these issues. This goes beyond balancing economic success with environmental dilemmas. We see that we can make a significant difference across many issues facing the world today. It starts with the way we design our products, the materials we source and the way we manufacture. Our relationships with suppliers are valued and must be fair, long-lasting partnerships. The enterprises we enter into, should provide strong opportunity, with minimum risk to all stakeholders.

Outside of KONGSBERG we work closely with communities, to ensure our relationships with them is mutually beneficial. And as we venture deeper into the oceans and space, we go to extreme lengths to guarantee the safety and security of everybody that works with us. This is not only Responsible Business Conduct, it is the right thing to do.