VesselMan’s applications for effective dry-docking and repair management will be added to Kognifai

Kongsberg Digital and VesselMan have entered into a partnership agreement which makes VesselMan part of KONGSBERG’s digital ecosystem for the Kognifai platform.

“There is a great difference between being a small Norwegian company on its own and being part of the global distribution platform that KONGSBERG represents,” says Stig Linna, CEO of VesselMan. “For us, it is very important to be part of a secure, scalable platform. As part of KONGSBERG’s digital platform, we can concentrate on our core business and let KONGSBERG handle scalability, security issues – and all the other important things that customers have to take into consideration with a global, cloud-based solutions.”

“VesselMan is the perfect match for both our ecosystem and Kognifai, our digital platform,” states Jørn Seglem, SVP Digital Platform and Analytics at Kongsberg Digital. “One of the key aspects of our digital platform strategy is to bring innovation from third parties to our customers to enable them to optimize efficiency and break the cost curve. VesselMan will add new, valuable innovation and collaboration to our ecosystem, and their applications will go hand in hand with the segment of applications for the maritime industry on Kognifai.”

Matthew Duke, VP Digital Platform at Kongsberg Digital points out that dry-docking and retro-fitting constitute a considerable part of the expense for a typical shipper, and that any tool that can disrupt that and help both shippers and shipyards with a more efficient process is very important.

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“In KONGSBERG, we believe that having an open digital platform and an open ecosystem is essential for the customers’ benefit,” adds Duke. “VesselMan’s solution is an example of a product that we wanted to add to our digital platform because it can digitalize a difficult and paper-based process. Our platform will guarantee added support for the solution and make it available to many customers that we truly believe are going to benefit from using it.”

VesselMan’s cloud-based management system will now be made available on Kognifai where it will provide customers with new ways to cut costs, save time, and improve quality. Among other things, it facilitates defined planning processes, remote process monitoring, and online information sharing. Customers can use it on top of their existing systems from KONGSBERG and other partners on the Kognifai platform and be certain of operational execution of their defined procedures and HSEQ requirements.