Natural Power has signed an agreement with Kongsberg Digital

Natural Power has signed an agreement with Kongsberg Digital to use applications for renewable asset management, hosted on KONGSBERG’s digital ecosystem Kognifai. Natural Power, a leading renewable energy and infrastructure consultancy, currently manages 5 GW of renewable energy capacity across Europe and the US. The cooperation between Natural Power and Kongsberg Digital entails capture and storage of data from assets as well as performance, reporting- and analytics services.

“Digitalization offers some attractive solutions for wind asset operators looking to make renewable energy even more efficient,” says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital. “Using our Renewable Asset Management applications, Natural Power will be able to predict maintenance needs, standardize reporting and optimize operations. This lowers costs and increases the general viability of wind as an energy source. We are pleased that Natural Power has selected us as its digitalization partner, and that the total annual wind energy produced managed by Kongsberg Digital applications will hit the milestone of 20 TWh.”

The integrated solution will support more efficient work processes. Natural Power will get all data and functionality in one system, with a significantly simplified reporting process as one of the benefits. Kongsberg applications will provide access to proven tools including advanced analytics to optimize performance and reduce operational cost for the assets.

Lauren Wheatley, Director of Advisory and Analytics in Natural Power, said “Kognifai is a key component of Natural Power's digital strategy providing the foundation for our advanced performance engineering program. This platform will allow us to continue to deliver a high-quality service whilst providing opportunities to further innovate.” 

Callum McLean, Head of Innovation and Data added: “We were attracted by Kongsberg Digital's proactive and collaborative approach, and we are well matched in terms of our appetite for digital innovation within the renewable energy sector.”