Met Office joins Kognifai Partner Program

Offers weather and ocean data on Kognifai

Met Office has signed a partner agreement with Kongsberg Digital to offer meteorological and oceanographic data to customers, independent software developers and other users of the Kognifai ecosystem in the maritime market.

Last year, Kongsberg Digital opened the Kognifai Partner Program to all to ensure that the best industry solutions are available to KONGSBERG’s customer at all times. Now, they have signed the Met Office, the UK’s National Meteorological Service to provide world-leading, reliable weather forecasts and severe weather warnings to people and industries.

“Weather is one of the most important variables within the maritime industries. The ability to plan according to the weather is crucial for increasing efficiency, safety and accuracy of operations ranging from shipping, to drilling, to platform production. This partnership will ensure the best possible data is available at the fingertips of maritime operators, for use directly, in applications and analyses,” says Hege Skryseth, CEO of Kongsberg Digital.

Met Office has a global reputation for developing innovative weather forecasting capabilities and climate science, delivering forecasts across every timescale all over the world to customers in sectors such as oil and gas, renewables, aviation, and transport. Both Met Office and Kongsberg Digital see an increasing demand for services involving environmental data and will work close to offer the best offerings to the market.

Patrick Sachon, Group Leader for Transport & Energy at Met Office, said: “Met Office works at the forefront of weather and climate science for people’s protection, well-being and prosperity. We help industries operate safely efficiently and successfully. Everything we do is based on world-leading science and enhanced by the close working relationships we have with partner organisations around the globe, like Kongsberg. We’re delighted to join the Kognifai partner programme to deliver world class weather and climate services”