Meteomatics provides hyperlocal weather data to Kognifai

Meteomatics joins the Kognifai Partner Program to give Vessel Insight users access to hyperlocal weather data across the world.

Weather and wave information play a significant role for modern shipping. Now, Meteomatics has signed on to Kongsberg Digital’s maritime digital ecosystem to provide users of Vessel Insight with hyperlocal weather data for coordinates worldwide. The data can be used to recognize critical weather conditions at an early stage and gives users the ability to react preventively with adapted time and route plans.

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“A number of weather parameters affect high sea shipping, and the ability to predict hyperlocal weather conditions accurately holds great value to vessel operators. With Meteomatics onboard the Kognifai Partner Program, this functionality is made available to users of Vessel Insight, giving them even greater insight,” says Vigleik Takle, SVP Maritime Digital Solutions, Kongsberg Digital.

The Meteomatics’ weather API will be available as part of the Kognifai Marketplace, and accessible to users of Kongsberg Digital’s maritime data infrastructure solution Vessel Insight. Ship operators who use Vessel Insight will get access to Meteomatic’s hyperlocal weather forecast in a fast, flexible and convenient way.

“At Meteomatics we have set ourselves the goal of addressing and demystifying two particular issues. Firstly, the perception that the selection and delivery of quality weather data has to be complicated and difficult and secondly that hyperlocal weather forecasting is by its very nature unreliable and inexact. To solve the first issue, we have developed our own unique API technology that allows straightforward real-time interactions with huge volumes of weather data, slicing and dicing them and delivering only the specific data needed to answer our clients' requests. Secondly, by incorporating the enhanced temporal and spatial data gathered by our Meteodrones we are able to significantly improve hyperlocal weather forecast accuracy and reliability”, says Meteomatics CEO Dr. Martin Fengler.

In June, KONGSBERG launched Vessel Insight, a new subscription-based data infrastructure solution for vessels. Through the subscription, Vessel Insight users can collect and host large datasets from systems onboard vessels and get access to the Kognifai Marketplace with a number of value-adding applications available in the cloud. Meteomatics’ weather API is now available in the Kognifai Marketplace.

About Meteomatics

As weather affects everyone’s business, Meteomatics’ goal is to enable access to precise weather data all around the world. Employing 30 people in three cities – St. Gallen, Berlin, and Exeter – Meteomatics’ offers the best available data for any coordinate worldwide by aggregating the latest weather forecast models, station observations, radar information, and satellite data.

Meteomatics is a trailblazer when it comes to innovative technology and improved data quality, which are the two core values the weather data provider pursues. A crucial step towards improved data quality and more accurate 24-hour forecasts are the in-house designed, developed, manufactured and operated weather drones, called Meteodrones.

By accessing the Weather API companies will be far better positioned to address customer, regulatory and wider societal demands now and in the future. It will also drive innovation by making data simply available for internal and external teams to deliver big data driven operational insights.


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