Kongsberg Digital launches Renewables Asset Management

Renewables Asset Management is a suite of integrated applications for operation and management of onshore and offshore wind farms, enabled by KONGSBERG’s digital ecosystem, Kognifai. Use of Renewables Asset Management has a sizable impact on efficiency, operations and maintenance cost and downtime.

Renewables Asset Management (RAM) is a suite of applications for operating and managing onshore and offshore wind farms. These applications integrate data and functions from traditionally separate systems into one unified system, with no need for manual data transfer. Automating data transfer has been proven to increase efficiency by up to 40 %. Also, the different applications in the RAM System work together to increase operational effect. Combined, the applications reduce operations and maintenance cost by up to 15 % and reduces downtime by up to 40%.

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The purpose of digitalization in the renewables industry is to lower costs and increase return on investment and safety. Historically, however, digitalization has been associated with high initial investments for long-term gains. Renewables Asset Management proves that businesses do not have to choose between near and the long-term return on investment. They can start their digitalization journey and benefit financially from the outset,” says Hege Skryseth, CEO of Kongsberg Digital and EVP KONGSBERG.

A completely integrated asset management system does not only increase the efficiency of operations, it also gives a much better situational overview that dramatically increases operational safety.

Data enabled business value

RAM is enabled by Kognifai, KONGSBERG’s digital ecosystem. Kognifai ensures that structured data is collected and stored securely and made available as input to value enhancing applications. RAM applications are provided as software as a service (SaaS) and hosted on Kognifai. This means clients can access all systems through a web-based client in their browser and are not required to install any client software. If, however, the client prefers it, the software can also be deployed on dedicated computer hardware on-site.

“The SaaS solution means we can minimize the initial investments in an advanced system like this and reduce operational costs related to running the system. Maintenance, system optimization and new updates are applied seamlessly in the background, making it possible for our customers to solely focus on their operations,” says Kristian Holm, VP Renewables, Kongsberg Digital.

Kognifai, the ecosystem hosting RAM, is made for use on an industrial scale and helps clients and partners demonstrate the value of their data faster, at lower costs while maintaining full control and ownership of the data, regardless whether they use KONGSERG solutions or not.

Kongsberg Digital announced the launch of Renewables Asset Management at the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2019 in Bilbao, Spain.