Norwegian Seafood Research Fund supports additional functionality for K-Sim Fishery simulator solution to prevent loss of fish

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has signed a new contract with FHF (the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund) to initiate a new phase of development on its groundbreaking K-Sim Fishery simulator system. One of the goals is to enable research and training on release in purse seine operations to prevent loss and death rate of fish.

Launched in 2018, K-Sim Fishery is a top-modern fishery simulator, which introduces a whole new level of detail, authenticity and applicable content for crewtraining  in the techniques and processes of trawl fishing. The new project will include development of additional purse seine capabilities for research purposes, with the aim of improving safety and efficiency in operations and enhance the fishing gear and -methodes as well as the catch and storage procedures needed to improve the fish quality and reduce the environmental impact. The new simulator system will in addition be ideal for education and training in purse seine fishery.    

The project, which is scheduled to begin this year, will be handled by Kongsberg Digital in partnership with Hordaland Vocational School, Mørenot Austevoll AS, Austevoll Seafood ASA and Sørheim Holding AS. In addition to sharing indispensable advice and industry knowledge, these partners will provide data input and assist with system testing and verification.

Following completion of the project, the K-Sim Fishery simulator will be installed in several education establishments. Trainees using the K-Sim Fishery simulator will build competance and benefit from the realistic and immersive exercises of purse seine fishing. Advanced hydrodynamic modelling of the vessel and  purse seine will, for example, precisely replicate the effects of waves and tidal currents affecting the execution of their tasks. The consequent honing of skills among crew members will further improve the overall safety, efficiency and economy in these types of fishery operations.

 “The simulator allows crews to train on all phases of purse seine operations whithout exposing them for risk or the equipment for damages. It is important to have the possibility to practice on realising to avoid bursting of the purse seine, huge death rate and subsequent loss of fish.” adds Roar Pedersen, Manager, Vessel Technology, FHF.

“It’s vital to provide modern fishing crews with the thorough training they require to carry out their work as safely and efficiently as possible,” says Jan Ståle Kauserud, Vice President Products, Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital, “We are proude that we can contribute to this, and will continue to develop the K-Sim Fishery simulator to meet demands direct from the industry.”