Kongsberg Digital launches K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator

Maritime Simulation User Conference forms the backdrop for unveiling the world’s most advanced and realistic simulator for high speed, tactical boat operations

Tromsø, Norway, September 25, 2018 – Kongsberg Digital has revealed the ground-breaking new K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator solution at its UC 2018 Maritime Simulation User Conference in Tromsø, Norway, (September 25-27). While delivering a realistic and immersive simulated environment to effectively train crew on boat handling and fast interception operations, together with weapon engagements, the simulator is able to provide trainees with the perception of operating in a highly realistic environment. The simulator design comprises an advanced motion system scaled to realistically simulate the operating environment and boat-type characteristics at various speed ranges and sea states. To create the perception of operating in an actual environment, the simulator is equipped with a low radius, 270 degree cylindrical visual projection system, designed with a larger vertical field of view to improve the visual experience through the motion envelope. The bridge layout can also be designed to replicate the on-board operator positions, configured specific to the boat type with the possibility to integrate real controllers, indicators and displays. The simulator solution utilizes K-Sim Navigation’s advanced physics engine and cutting-edge hydrodynamic vessel modelling capabilities to simulate high-speed vessels, and make them behave very close to how they would do in real life. The Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator can be delivered with generic fast craft hydrodynamic models as well as with KONGSBERG’s custom made models. These models are developed from recorded vessel performance data and validated against real vessel behavior. K-Sim’s sophisticated physics engine, offering advanced hydrodynamic modelling, allows for realistic and accurate simulation of the boat’s behavior, wave interaction, stern wave effects and impact on other vessels/objects. The solution can also include weapons training capabilities, for multiple weapons types, integrated into the simulator. This creates an extremely realistic simulated environment to effectively train the boat crew in not only boat handling and high-speed navigation, but also allowing for highly realistic and full-scale tactical training together with weapon engagement. This means that the customer will be provided with the possibility to train all on board crew functions in the full range of operational scenarios within their mission portfolio. “We are excited to launch our K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator concept at UC 2018,” says Tone-Merete Hansen, Sr. Vice President, Kongsberg Digital. “It is a unique new tool for building competence and ensuring safety during particularly hazardous operations, and its introduction reflects Kongsberg Digital’s ability to develop advanced systems that improve training and meet the changing needs of diverse users, from naval and coast guard through to commercial shipping and offshore.” “High-speed tactical boat operations are associated with significant occupational risk, and combined with the complex operating environment in modern naval warfare and law enforcement there is definitely a need for the safe, effective, realistic and cost efficient training solution that KONGSBERG can now offer,” adds Lars Klemmetsby, Vice President Business Development, Kongsberg Digital. “Its effectiveness has already been recognized by a major maritime organization and we are looking forward to delivering our first reference facility with them in near future.”