KONGSBERG launches Kognifai

Kognifai is an open and collaborative digital platform that improves integration between the world of information technology and operational technology to accelerate business transformation in established civilian industries.

Today, KONGSBERG announced the launch of Kognifai, its open and collaborative digital platform that places a world-class portfolio of applications into the cloud. Kognifai focuses on optimizing data access and analysis for customers across maritime and energy industries, and also provides an integrated development and distribution platform for efficiency enhancing applications.  

“With Kognifai we are launching an open ecosystem for customers, partners, and suppliers,” said Hege Skryseth, Executive Vice President, KONGSBERG and President, Kongsberg Digital. 

“It will create value for our customers by allowing them to harness the power of their data on their own terms. This way, they will reap the benefits of the digital transformation in an easier and more efficient way, and we will collaborate with them to drive the business outcomes that they are seeking.”

Kognifai is designed to enable value creation for KONGSBERG customers throughout the digital value chain. It is an all-encompassing and open digital ecosystem for users to collect, store, analyze, and apply the data they generate using KONGSBERG and third-party systems. It is also an expert platform for development of new data-centric applications, a single portal to access vital solutions developed by KONGSBERG and uniquely, certified third-party developers.

“The launch of Kognifai is great news for KONGSBERG’s main civilian industries,” stated Jørn Seglem, SVP Digital Platform and Analytics in Kongsberg Digital. 

“The Kognifai ecosystem is built on a core of cybersecurity, customers’ ownership of their information, and data integrity, but the open standards make it easy to add and integrate both KONGSBERG and third-party applications. We are amazed to see the cross-industry innovation and sharing that is already ongoing in our open ecosystem, and we are actively working with selected customers and partners on core business transformation challenges where new solutions are appearing due to the platform.”

Since 2014, different business units within KONGSBERG have merged their technology, knowledge, and effort to create Kognifai, KONGSBERG’s universal response to the growing wave of digitalization across all industries. Our aim is to drive business for our customers and help them take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalization of industry, the internet of things, automation, and robotics.

Now, Kognifai is expanding the boundaries of the industry by acting as a single digital platform for all data produced across the technology spectrum.

Short facts about Kognifai:


  • Developed to accelerate the digitalization of existing and new business areas within KONGSBERG and to simplify the business transformation journey for customers
  • Provides access to KONGSBERG’s extensive portfolio of standalone solutions as well as third-party solutions
  • Serves as a development hub and storefront for external developers encouraging participation and sharing
  • Allows customers to subscribe to the solutions they need as and when they need them with a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach
  • Opens the possibility for smaller and niche companies with limited resources to bring their innovations to the Kognifai connected global community
  • Ensures shorter time to market for existing and new products and services
  • Protected by the highest level of cybersecurity and a strict application certification process for all third-party services and applications
  • Includes industry-specific solutions for machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Has a state-of-the-art 3D engine which is easy to use and allows for rich and advanced applications and real-time simulation tools.
  • Reduces IT costs by moving to the cloud, but applications will also run on premise
  • Offers a high level of support for all developers, whether they are from KONGSBERG or other companies


For further information, please contact:

Gunvor Hatling Midtbø, Vice President of Communication, Kongsberg Maritime, tel. +47 992 14 209,


Kate Bergersen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Kongsberg Digital, tel. +47 982 37 715,