Jostein Jensen hired as Vice President Cybersecurity and Data Management

Kongsberg Digital has hired Jostein Jensen as VP Cybersecurity and Data Management. Jensen previously held the position of Chief Information Security Officer at the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

“We are thrilled to have Jostein lead our efforts to maintain KONGSBERG’s strict requirements for security and data integrity. We focus on the security of our digital platform and our proprietary applications, an increasingly demanding task with our new open ecosystem which is made to foster innovation. Jostein's experience from both the Norwegian Armed Forces, SINTEF and the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund will contribute heavily to the strong academic environment in KONGSBERG and also facilitate collaboration between government, industry and academia on an increasingly difficult issue,” says Jørn Seglem, SVP Digital Platform and Analytics in Kongsberg Digital. Jostein has a Ph.D. in information security from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and comes to Kongsberg Digital from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, where he has led the security work and targeted his efforts on improving the cyber resilience of the organization. His previous positions as an officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces and an ICT and security research scientist with SINTEF has contributed to his extensive knowledge of information security. “I look forward to becoming part of the work on industrial digitalization that KONGSBERG will be going through,” comments Jostein Jensen. “Kongsberg Digital is an exciting company with big plans and high ambitions. I look forward to reinforcing the solid work that has already been put into developing digital solutions that are resilient to the cyber threats of tomorrow.” For further information, please contact:

Jørn Seglem, SVP Digital Platform and Analytics, Kongsberg Digital

tel. +47 918 828 62,