KONGSBERG releases major new version of LedaFlow

KONGSBERG is pleased to announce the latest release of the LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulator adding major new functionality for wax and hydrate modelling in addition to significant core model improvements for low liquid loading and vertical flow.

The LedaFlow Technologies DA funded solids transport and deposition research project has developed new hydrate and wax functionalities so that LedaFlow can be used to tackle complex production chemistry issues improving design and operations. Pigging frequencies can now be optimised using the new wax deposition functionality and the added hydrate functionality will allow investigation into operating in the hydrate formation region.

The low liquid loading improvements to LedaFlow are the result of an experimental campaign carried out by SINTEF.  LedaFlow can now more accurately predict the onset of liquid accumulation in cases with low liquid loading, which is important for correct line sizing, slug catcher sizing and improved operating procedures. Another experimental campaign carried out on behalf of LedaFlow Technologies DA by SINTEF resulted in improvements in vertical flow modelling. This allows LedaFlow to more accurately predict the onset of liquid loading in wells helping to optimise gas field operations.

Other important improvements include the addition of an in built steam/water thermodynamic package and a flexible pipewall enabling LedaFlow to be used for steam/water systems and water hammer studies.

All of these improvements are provided as part of the standard LedaFlow licensing package and are provided as a free of charge upgrade to existing users with valid maintenance and support agreements.

“We are very excited about this new release, which is a major milestone in the development of LedaFlow. The rapid commercialisation of R&D performed by SINTEF combined with our own software development expertise ensures that LedaFlow meets the industry demand for more functionality and accuracy from multiphase simulation software” Neeraj Zambare, Product Manager for LedaFlow.