KONGSBERG has released LedaFlow 2.1

Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce the latest release of the LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulator which includes new functionality for well modelling and sand deposition, in addition to the inclusion of Multiflash.

Well modelling

LedaFlow 2.1 now has a well builder GUI that significantly simplifies the process for defining the walls and annuli associated with a well by allowing the user to enter casing and tubing diameters and depths. It is now also possible to define an asymmetic annulus in order to enable realistic pressure drop calculations in an annulus where tubing is not central in the well. Also, a temperature correction for the pressure in the nitrogen charged dome of a gas lift valve has been implemented for accurate transient gas-lift simulations.

Sand deposition

LedaFlow can now estimate the minimum water velocity required to transport sand. Below this critical velocity a stationary sand bed may form at the bottom of the pipe, creating a flow restriction.

Multiflash included

We are also pleased to announce that Multiflash from KBC Advanced Technologies is automatically included with LedaFlow. Multiflash is a powerful and versatile PVT and EOS modelling software package and allows the user to create table files or run fully compositional in LedaFlow. More details on Multiflash can be found here:

All of these improvements are provided as a free of charge upgrade to existing users with valid maintenance and support agreements.

For further information, please contact:

Neeraj Zambare

Kongsberg Digital

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