Danish Defence secures future at the cutting-edge of maritime simulation

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) and KONGSBERG have renewed their maritime simulation co-operation with the March 2016 signing of a new framework agreement, including a ten year 'Long Term System Support Program' (LTSSP) extension.

The contract secures DALO's access to the latest simulation technology for the next decade and includes migration of the existing KONGSBERG simulators delivered in 2012, to the sophisticated new K-Sim Navigation simulator platform.

Through the new framework agreement and LTSSP, KONGSBERG becomes DALO's primary maritime simulation partner, with a remit to provide high levels of service and support for the KONGSBERG simulation systems at DALO's training centres in Denmark, in addition to a commitment to meet DALO's requests for expansion and development of new simulator functionality. The partnership is expected to generate significant developments in naval simulation techniques and systems, with KONGSBERG and DALO working closely together to pro-actively meet the future maritime simulation needs of Denmark's armed forces.

A core aspect of the renewed co-operation is an upgrade of DALO's existing KONGSBERG ship handling simulators to the latest technology. The new, user-focused, K-Sim Navigation simulator features an advanced physical engine and state-of-the-art hydrodynamic modelling, allowing vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact as in real life. To enhance the realism further, a sophisticated new visual system is included, bringing vessels and objects in all possible weather conditions to life.

"Our new framework agreement enables DALO and KONGSBERG to build up competence and functionality that will offer tangible and significant benefits in training," said Bjarne Torkelsen Area Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime. "It provides stability for DALO in terms of maritime simulator capabilities today, and in the future, ensuring high uptime at its simulator parks through dedicated support services and access to the latest advances in simulation technology to enhance training."

"We already have a strong position in the Naval simulation market. Our new agreement will strengthen our focus within the segment and also give us an opportunity to develop further functionality that will benefit DALO and other KONGSBERG naval simulation customers. We look forward to co-operating with DALO and are confident that our technology and in-house experience can meet their maritime simulation needs," said Erik Hovland, General Manager, Simulation, Kongsberg Maritime.