Contract with Wintershall

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS (KONGSBERG) has been awarded a 3-year contract by Wintershall Holding GmbH for provision of its hosted SiteCom® real-time data aggregation and visualisation solution for well construction.

All real-time, planned and historical data from all of Wintershall’s drilling activity worldwide will reside in a central SiteCom repository facilitating monitoring, distribution, visualisation, analysis and interaction, as well as exchange with Wintershall’s existing portfolio of third-party D&C applications. This will give Wintershall’s global team of engineers and geologists the ability to collaborate seamlessly whether they are located at the rigsite, a local office or in Wintershall’s main support hubs in Kassel, Germany, Rijswijk, Netherlands, or Stavanger, Norway.

With a constant focus on safe and efficient operations, Wintershall expects that embedded use of KONGSBERG´s SiteCom platform will allow their support team to further mitigate operational and financial risk, and drive continuous improvement in well construction and delivery in these challenging times for the industry.

Atle Høgberg, Vice President, Drilling & Wells, Kongsberg Oil & Gas, comments: “We are extremely pleased to be able to now count Wintershall as a global license holder with us. Wintershall is a highly-respected international operator actively drilling in areas that present a range of differing operational and logistical challenges, supported by core teams of experienced domain experts. With SiteCom we are confident that Wintershall will be able to extract maximum value, and hence efficiencies, from the data their global wells are generating. We very much look forward to working with Wintershall from the North Sea, across Europe, in the Middle Eastern desert, to the South American grasslands!”