SiteCom WITSML Certification

Kongsberg Oil & Gas is pleased to announce that effective May 2015 our SiteCom® real-time data aggregation and visualisation solution is officially certified as WITSML 1.4.1-compliant by the industry standards body Energistics.

WITSML is the industry standard for transmitting drilling, completions and workover data between organisations in the oil and gas industry. WITSML data consumers (predominantly operators and service companies) depend on their data management providers to ensure reliable and consistent data delivery from and across their drilling operations to support decision-making processes. Independent WITSML certification by the industry’s governing resource assures these consumers of demonstrable compliance and interoperability.

KONGSBERG was on the pioneering team and one of the initial steering committee chairs of the team that developed the WITSML concept in early 2000 with the precursor Drilling Automation Real Time (DART) project. The DART approach migrated to XML and became WITSML under the non-profit organization POSC, prior to administration and custody of the standard being handed over to the POSC successor Energistics in 2003. KONGSBERG remains a highly active core member of the Energistics WITSML schema development team, and regularly participates in the WITSML Special Interest Group (SIG) and annual conference.