Record number of summer students at KONGSBERG

This year KONGSBERG welcomes a record number of 179 summer students, up from last year’s record of 145. KONGSBERG received a record high 2008 applications for the jobs, up from 1350 applications in 2014.

"The summer student programme has always been important to us. These jobs are popular for several reasons. We offer close follow-up from our experienced staff, the students get to work with real tasks and projects, and for those who excel the summer job may lead to a job offer at the end of their studies. We are very pleased that so many students look to KONGSBERG in order to get relevant job experience", says President and CEO of KONGSBERG, Walter Qvam.

Recruitment and the national technology effort

The summer job programme is an integral part of the groups recruitment work. However, it is also an important contribution to the national technology effort that KONGSBERG has promoted. Students from all years of study are invited, and KONGSBERG hopes to help motivate students to work hard and complete their studies. "Firstly, the summer jobs give both us and the students an opportunity to get to know each other and experience working together. This may lead to permanent employment after their studies are completed. Secondly, this is important for motivating students to work hard throughout their studies. We are in close dialogue with the educational institutions. They point out the importance of showing students how the theory they are taught, right from the first day of class, is applied in practice. This can motivate them to keep on going and do their very best.

Moreover, the students challenge both our methods and staff with the very latest academic knowledge. This adds value to our business and motivates those who get to work with the students", says Qvam.

Summer projects most popular

The summer jobs offered by Kongsberg Gruppen fall into two categories; summer projects or a position in one of KONGSBERG’s departments. This year, six different summer projects will be carried out. Of the 179 summer jobs, the projects LocalHawk and Zeppaloon are the most popular.

"The student projects are very popular, in particular LocalHawk and Zeppaloon. LocalHawk is a project that has been running for several years, while Zeppaloon started last year. LocalHawk received almost 450 applications for 18 jobs, while Zeppaloon received just over 250 applications for nine jobs. This means that we can pick among highly qualified and talented students", says Chief HR officer at Kongsberg Gruppen, Hans Petter Blokkum.

"But there is also tough competition for a job in one of our departments. About one in ten applicants is offered a summer job in a technical department. We are very privileged to be able to choose among so many talented candidates. Those who are offered a job can look forward to an exciting summer with lots of new experiences and challenges", says Blokkum.

For further information, please contact:

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