New features added to SiteCom real-time data aggregation and visualization solution

Kongsberg Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the latest release of SiteCom® real-time data aggregation and visualization solution adding a number of important features and upgrades.

A few major changes include version 3 of Global Mnemonics, a new Excel plugin, extended WITSML and improved Beta functionality. The SiteCom Discovery User Interface (UI) has also been updated to include a new look as well as Internet Explorer and Windows 10 OS 64bit support. An operational view and advanced backplotting widget for torque and drag analysis has been added to SiteCom Well Advisor real-time advisory solution for well operations in the 10.0 release.

“Congratulations to our very dedicated teams who have worked hard to meet the 10.0 release deadline on time and continue to improve and develop new functionality to the SiteCom solution based on the needs of the market”, Jan Kåre Igland, Global Product Manager SiteCom Discovery & Mobile, and Trond Waage, Global Product Manager for SiteCom Core.