New features added to LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulator

Kongsberg Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the latest release of LedaFlow® multiphase flow simulator, adding functionality changes supporting improved data handling and efficiency.

A few major changes include the addition of full Gas Lift Valve (GLV) tables relating the mass flow rate to the pressure upstream and downstream of the gas lift valve. The tables also support standard volume flow rates and can be used instead of specifying an orifice size in the leak. The simulation manager has also been updated to support queuing of simulations when a license is unavailable and when a license becomes available the queued simulations will automatically start. Simulations can be deployed on another computer that has LedaFlow installed. 

Corrosion Module and Flow Induced Pulsations (singing riser) Module have also been added facilitating more advanced calculations based on the output by LedaFlow. 

 “LedaFlow Engineering 1D v1.8 continues to benefit from fast paced development, delivering important improvements and new functionality. Thanks to our very dedicated development team who have worked hard to meet the release deadline,” Neeraj Zambare, Product Manager for LedaFlow.