Slug capturing & buried pipe model lead feature-packed software release
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT), a wholly owned subsidiary of KONGSBERG, is pleased to announce the latest release of LedaFlow, the new transient multiphase flow simulator.  The release focuses on ways to reduce field development costs and the operating costs for wells and pipelines, by improving the accuracy of the underlying models.   LedaFlow 1.2, available now, offers further improvements to the cutting-edge Slug Capturing technology, which enhances the ability to predict hydrodynamic slugs and allows for a much better understanding of how to reduce flow disruptions ensuring that maximum sustainable production is achieved.  LedaFlow 1.2 also builds on its industry leading predictions of independent temperature for each phase with the development of a Buried Pipe model.  The addition of this new feature shows significant differences can exist between the gas temperature and the average temperature which can impact corrosion rate estimates and the selection of materials for flowlines, risers and pipelines. By improving on the level of detail available from existing one dimension multiphase flow simulators, it is possible to specify more cost effective solutions when choosing new pipe and to ensure that no failures are encountered later in the life of the pipe. These developments along with continual improvements to the speed and usability of LedaFlow ensure that KOGT’s clients now have a genuine choice when it comes to their software tool for Flow Assurance work.