SPT Group deploys Kongsberg’s SIM ReservoirTM in MEPO®

SPT Group is pleased to announce the expansion of the MEPO product with the capabilities of SIM Reservoir for further improving reservoir engineers’ workflow.

SIM Reservoir meets the needs of modern multi-model reservoir simulation work processes by interactively handling large and multiple datasets without loss of performance. The superior 3D analysis capabilities complements existing plotting, statistics and data mining facilities in MEPO, providing a more holistic view of projects and information to support decision making.

“Deploying SIM Reservoir in MEPO as “MEPO 3DViz” is part of our commitment to provide reservoir engineers with the best modelling and simulation technology available,” says Stig L. Selberg, Executive Vice President of SPT Group. Adding, “the ability of SIM Reservoir to efficiently render large amounts of data cost-efficiently gives MEPO users unparalleled understanding of reservoir dynamics and optimal decision support.”

Angela M. Myhre, Global Sales Manager for SIM Reservoir, continues: “SIM Reservoir has proven successful in the reservoir simulation market, and we are delighted to be chosen as the default solution for MEPO. Combining the two products yields our customers with the most powerful solution in the market for reservoir optimization and uncertainty analysis.”

SIM Reservoir™ takes advantage of cutting edge technologies across the fields of intelligent data handling, 3D computer graphics, advanced data formats and parallel processing. This allows SIM Reservoir to load and visualize large amounts of data from several simulation runs and multiple sources, with high performance even on an ordinary off-the-shelf laptop. Powerful, unique and intuitive tools are embedded in the application to help the reservoir engineer better understand the reservoir dynamics, get a more accurate picture of fluid flow and improve the decision support for reservoir depletion strategies.

Reservoir Optimization in SPT Group provides market leading products and services that enables sub-surface teams to properly account for modelling uncertainties, optimize field development planning and reservoir management. MEPO is the market leading application for assisted history matching, uncertainty quantification and reservoir optimization. The framework of simulation management, optimizers, experimental design, proxy modelling, data mining and statistics makes MEPO a powerful tool for all projects targeting improved production, recovery and reservoir management.

MEPO 3DViz is available from SPT Group as a new module in MEPO. SIM Reservoir continues to be available directly from Kongsberg Oil and Gas Technologies.