Commercial Launch of LedaFlow


Cutting-edge integrated or standalone solution opens a window-to-the-pipeline

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (KOGT) announces today June 15, 2011 the commercial release of the first phase of LedaFlow®, its next generation multiphase flow assurance simulator. A product of nearly a decade of collaboration between Total, ConocoPhillips and SINTEF, KOGT has further developed and commercialised LedaFlow as a unique tool to improve production for oil & gas engineers.

LedaFlow is a step change in flow assurance, offering vastly improved functionality, fidelity, flexibility and accuracy for reduced risk, better performance and improved return on investment. In order to provide engineers with highly accurate simulation and data, LedaFlow is closer to the actual physics in the pipeline, rather than empirical data, and provides accurate 1D or quasi 3D simulation.

“LedaFlow uses detailed three-dimensional physical modelling and is designed to exploit the power of high-performance computing to support decisions that may improve safety and production in real time. It offers application possibilities that cover all engineering aspects including design, commissioning, operation and training,” explains Alick Jamieson, Product Manager LedaFlow, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.

Utilising improved measurement technology, new, large scale experimental data has been implemented with new field measurements to improve the basis on which LedaFlow’s multiphase models are developed. LedaFlow increases the resolution of modelling: solving mass, energy and moment conservation for each of the three common fluid phases. This provides a step change in understanding and improved accuracy in critical transient events.

LedaFlow™ Suite is available as a point model plug-in for third party software, as an engineer tool with an easy to use interface and as an integrated plug-in to KONGSBERG’s proven dynamic process simulator, K-Spice. Integrated, LedaFlow and K-Spice will provide highly accurate data in real-time for production management in addition to a planning mode for production planning.

“We are delighted to be making LedaFlow commercially available to the market as it is the result of a huge development project involving key industry players,” continues Alick Jamieson. “In response to market requests LedaFlow has a simple pricing structure with pay-per-day use in addition to normal leasing and perpetual licensing options. This addresses the needs of a large portion of Flow Assurance engineer’s requirements that has previously been neglected.”