Real-time drilling data solutions chosen for worldwide well operations

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has entered into a significant agreement with Statoil to extend the use of the KONGSBERG SiteCom® real-time drilling data solution, DiscoveryTM Web data browser and SmartAgent calculation tools across all of the leading global energy company’s well operations. The new agreement, signed in August 2010, is for three years, with an option to extend for a further two years.

“SiteCom is currently in use on several European Statoil well operations,” comments Erik Glende, VP Intellifield Drilling Software at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies. “We will work on enhancing the core product to meet some Statoil specific requirements, which will enable it to be rolled out across the company’s global well operations over the course of the next two years, following extensive testing. By this time, Statoil will be using more than twice as many SiteCom licences as it is now, making this a substantial and exciting agreement, especially considering the added option within the contract to enable further SiteCom licences to be deployed over an extra two years.”

SiteCom has been designed to facilitate safer, faster and better informed drilling decisions. It achieves this by integrating real-time data, historical data, reports, files and chat from all sources on the rig and makes them available to a wider community of professionals and stakeholders at the company offices or in other remote locations anywhere in the world. All this is done through a single, fast and user-friendly web-based interface.

Statoil has expanded its use of SiteCom by deploying Discovery Web and SmartAgents alongside SiteCom. Discovery Web is a visualization tool that makes all curves, survey data, mud log data, rig activity, image logs and key performance indicators available in a user-friendly, web-based browser. SiteCom SmartAgents are easy-to-connect custom modules designed to perform real-time calculations required for better interpretation, to check data quality and to help manage the performance of the vendors and service companies working on the project. “Because it connects, in real-time to the entire team of professionals on any project, whether they are at sea or on land, SiteCom provides enhancements in safety, efficiency and profitability. These benefits are now becoming well recognised and we’re delighted that Statoil has expanded its use of SiteCom and we are looking forward to working even more closely with them,” adds Ben Lovell, VP Sales Eastern Hemisphere, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.

For further information, please contact:
Ingunn Kolltveit, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS, +47 40 60 69 99.