Statoil Work-Over Riser Fatigue Monitoring System (WORFMS) developed by SeaFlex has gone in production

The SeaFlex developed Work-Over Riser Fatigue Monitoring System (WORFMS) is one way to monitor the residual fatigue life of a Completion/ Work-Over riser. The WORFMS is a web based database system which integrates operation history,riser analysis, environment data, and fatigue damage calculation to estimate accumulated fatigue damage. The system is integrated with Statoil SAP and Riser Management System (RMS).

The WORFMS system is based on up front fatigue analysis performed by finite element (FE) riser analyses which result in a large data base of fatigue look-up tables. This information is used by WORFMS to predict the fatigue life of each riser joint based on the environmental load history of the preceding or ongoing operation. The key idea for WORFMS is to treat every riser joint as an individual joint which enables individual tracking of usage and maintenance. To do this, measuring points on each riser joint is created in the database - analogues to the trip teller on a car or the hour meter on a compressor. This enables maintenance to be planned and triggered with respect to running hours, fatigue life, certification expiry dates, makes and brakes (number of times used).

The first field to take the system in use is the Snorre B license in the North Sea. The system will be rolled out on eighteen of Statoil operated licenses in the North Sea continuously over the next few years.