K-Spice: A new and powerful dynamic process simulation tool

Enhanced dynamic simulation tool enables more confidence in system and process design.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has launched K-Spice, its next generation dynamic process simulation tool. In addition to a wealth of sophisticated new and improved features for system management, thermodynamics, solvers and a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface, K-Spice combines the very best of the proven, class leading D-SPICE and ASSETT lifecycle simulation solutions from KONGSBERG.


KONGSBERG has more than 25 years experience within dynamic process simulation and has delivered over 300 dynamic simulation studies, 100 customised Operator Training Simulators and over 40 online Production Management Systems to major oil & gas operators worldwide.

For the Oil & Gas market

"Our extensive and unique experience has been channelled into K-Spice, allowing us to develop a powerful, flexible dynamic process simulation solution for the oil & gas market. K-Spice offers a wide range of improvements including a modern, intuitive user interface, simplified data handling, enhanced calculations and increased robustness and performance" comments Eliot Clutten, Head of Product Development for the Simulation & Optimisation business unit at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.

K-Spice enables detailed dynamic simulation of oil and gas processes and control systems throughout the whole process lifecycle. K-Spice is a Windows based tool with a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface and a wealth of advanced features. K Spice is designed for use across the core applications of: Project feasibility/concept selection, Pre-engineering/detailed engineering, Commissioning/production start-up, Operator Training and Online operations/maintenance support/process optimisation. Within each application K Spice offers a multitude of functionality based on high-fidelity simulation models that can be re-used at every stage of the project.

Best practice

KONGSBERG's Lifecycle Simulation Concept has, over the years, developed to become best practice within the market. It is based on continuous simulation runs throughout the development and operational phases of a project as both a design and verification tool. As the project progresses, the functionality and accuracy of the simulator grows and develops in line with the project scope and requirements, providing a cost-effective tool for engineering and process testing and training.

Secures higher plant availability

"One day of lost production due to a failure in loading new, untested control logic offshore can result in huge losses, running into millions of dollars," says Eirik Ohr, Vice President for the Simulation & Optimisation business unit at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies. "K-Spice offers a wide range of benefits at every stage of the lifecycle because every aspect of a process can be tested to a high degree of accuracy. This secures higher plant availability, whilst reducing environmental emissions and hazards."

Range of applications

K-Spice forms the basis of a wide variety of solutions from KONGSBERG, including conceptual process studies, engineering verification, control system checkout, operator training and real-time production monitoring systems. The range of applications is steadily growing in order to meet new trends in the industry – in particular for Integrated Operations (IO).