Kongsberg Intellifield Wins Engineering Award

As one of ten finalists, Kongsberg Intellifield has won the prestigious engineering award, 'Ingeniørbragden', which is presented annually by Norway's leading technology magazine, 'Teknisk Ukeblad'.

Kongsberg Intellifield was nominated by the magazine's editorial staff for its role as a world leader in providing solutions for Integrated Operations. Editor in Chief of Teknisk Ukeblad, Tommy Rudihagen, elaborates:

"Kongsberg Intellifield is in the forefront when it comes to open solutions, facilitating collaboration on different processes onboard rigs. This equipment is a commercial breakthrough for technology, with great significance for the Norwegian economy. Integrated Operations will become increasingly important in the future, and Kongsberg Intellifield represents the most advanced environment and technology within this field."


A tribute to good engineering

It is the 7th time this year that Teknisk Ukeblad has awarded Ingeniørbragden and Kongsberg Intellifield is among some much-esteemed company. "The award was initiated in 2000 in order to pay tribute to good engineering. It quickly gained popularity, and this year we had between 30 and 40 candidates to consider. The finalists were chosen as a result of internal discussions among our editorial group, and they will be presented in a series of articles in our magazine," explained Rudihagen.

Highly inspirational

"This is an acknowledgement for the pioneers who had the vision, and to the engineers work on a daily basis," says Espen Kristensen, Chief Operating Officer, Kongsberg Intellifield. "Our system ensures the oil and gas industry safer and more efficient production, and also enables it to take better advantage of skills and expertise. Winning this award points out how substantial this technology will be for the business in the future."


World leading

According to Kristensen – and also several of the jury members – Kongsberg Intellifield is the world leader in the field of Integrated Operations and Integrated Collaboration Environments.

"Our solutions take more aspects into consideration than our competitors'. We map the clients work processes, and design and build the solutions in collaboration with them (the clients). We are the recognized reference when it comes to software. Period," enthuses Kristensen. "Kongsberg Intellifield is the first to focus on a non-proprietary system for gathering operational data. The system is server based, and can be used on all data from any source and vendors on the rig."

Utilizing our own technology

Kongsberg Intellifield has offices in Stavanger, Trondheim, Oslo and Kristiansand, and internationally in USA, UK, Singapore and Austria. Our solution connects people, and we use our own technology to collaborate regardless of physical locations.

Very proud

Øyvind Rideng, President and CEO of Kongsberg Intellifield, is delighted to have won the award: "This is great, and an important acknowledgement. We are very proud, especially considering the hard competition from the other well qualified nominees," he said.

Long term focus

Rideng also emphasized that the award is a result of a long term focus: "This is a combination of competence within oil and gas, engineering and skills. We have never given up on a project; we have always delivered. A core staff team has believed in Kongsberg Intellifield's solution, and they have been working with great enthusiasm along the way. 2008 has been a break through for us. We have achieved acknowledgement for our technical solutions in several installations world wide."


"Our system is the chosen reference server for multiple systems. – That means that all the world solutions are tested against us. We know compatibility. The system is scalable: Just as suitable for four as it is 10,000 wells. The system is also searchable, meaning you can easily get access to the required data," explains Rideng. "We deliver the technology, and the environment. We deliver solutions from A to Z and I don't think anyone else can say this right now."

Link to the story on the Teknisk Ukeblad web - in Norwegian