Kongsberg Intellifield nominated for engineering award

As one of ten finalists, Kongsberg Intellifield has been nominated for the prestigious engineering award, "Ingeniørbragden", presented annually by Norway's leading technology magazine, "Teknisk Ukeblad".

Kongsberg Intellifield was nominated by the magazine's editorial staff for their role as world leader in Integrated Collaboration Environments. Editor in Chief of Teknisk Ukeblad, Tommy Rudihagen, elaborates:

"Kongsberg Intellifield is in the forefront when it comes to open solutions, facilitating collaboration on different processes onboard rigs. This equipment is a commercial breakthrough for technology, with great significance for the Norwegian economy. Integrated operations will become increasingly important in the future, and Kongsberg Intellifield represents the most advanced environment and technology within this field".


A tribute to good engineering

"Ingeniørbragden" will be awarded for the 7th time this year. Anyone can nominate candidates, but to become one of the ten finalists certain conditions apply. The main criterion is to represent an excellent and innovative solution to a technological or social challenge. Candidates are also requested to show the commercial viability or social impact of their product. The award can be given to companies, specialist environments, projects or individuals.

"The award was initiated in 2000 in order to pay tribute to good engineering. It quickly gained popularity, and this year we had between 30 and 40 candidates to consider. The finalists have been chosen as a result of internal discussions among our editorial group, and they will be presented in a series of articles in our magazine", explained Rudihagen.


Professional jury

New in this year's competition is a jury of technical experts that will evaluate each candidate. Their decision in combination with the votes of the public will determine who wins. Previous winners have been elected through public votes only. "The inclusion of the jury was a result of requests from previous candidates. A jury represents a more objective evaluation, and their votes will count the most in the final decision", commented Rudihagen.

Highly inspirationalGeneral Manager of Intellifield, Espen Kristensen is pleased about the nomination. "This nomination is extremely important to us and is very inspirational for our future work", he said. "Ingeniørbragden is a prestigious award, and to have reached the top ten among so many highly qualified candidates is a recognition of what we have achieved so far. Although we are a small technical environment within Kongsberg Maritime, we contribute towards setting the standard for oil and gas world wide".


About "Ingeniørbragden"


Candidates must:

  • Represent a good engineering solution to a technological or social problem
  • Have local, national or international significance for society
  • Represent a good idea that has shown commercial viability or economic significance
  • Be executed or completed in the fall of the previous year or during the year of the award
  • The award can be given to a person who has done outstanding work with or for technology and natural science in society
  • The product r process must be developed in Norway. Foreign companies may be considered if a Norwegian is behind the development