K-Sim Cargo Instructor station

A new generation Monitoring, Assessment and Configuration system

Get full control of exercise monitoring, assessment, and configuration

The user-friendly K-Sim Cargo Instructor system gives your instructors complete, intuitive, and efficient control of student exercises. It is developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian Maritime Authority, DNV GL, and experienced instructors worldwide.K-Sim Cargo Instructor allows your instructors to

  • develop customized exercise modules for individuals, teams, or both.
  • configure the system for individual student or team training mode, or a combination
  • connect to any student station to monitor, assess, and control student performance.

Develop exercise modules anywhere

Your instructors can use the K-Sim Cargo Instructor application to develop a complete exercise module. Each exercise module may comprise the following:

  • Initial condition
  • Triggers
  • Actions
  • E-Coach messages
  • Student station configuration
  • AssessmentInitial condition

An initial condition describes all the variables at the start of the exercise, typically designating conditions such as “Full Ahead At Sea,” “Manoeuvring,” or “Gas-Free Condition”.


A trigger is a combination of events that initiates an action or E-Coach message, or is used as input during an assessment. Any of the up to 6,000 accessible variables and malfunctions can be utilized to activate triggers.


An action is derived from initiated or pre-programmed input variables and malfunctions. The instructor defines how each action or malfunction affects the simulation, through a step, pulse, pulse train, or sinusoidal-shaped function, or according to a randomly selected function. All features are also prepared for ramping. The actions can be implemented as part of the complete exercise or introduced to a student or group at any time.

E-Coach messages

The E-Coach is a built-in student performance feedback system. It provides the student with information and guidance based on a single event or a combination of events. Students receive the E-Coach messages as a result of their performance in the assigned tasks. The messages may contain information about positive reinforcement, suggestions, errors, and warnings. The use of triggers and E-Coach makes the simulator a truly intelligent system, able to load and advise students throughout the exercise the instructor presents. In addition, the Instructor can send instant messages to any student station or group of students. 

Student station configuration

The instructor can easily configure each student station to define what information is accessible and visible to the student, including subsystems and indicators. A complete configuration is only done once and stored as part of the exercise.Assessment The assessment system allows the instructor to evaluate and assess students on all levels, from support to management. It allows the instructor to• monitor and use alarms• monitor and use any of 6,000 variables in the simulation models• give credits or penalty points