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"Hokku-Maru" is a Japanese fishery research vessel. It is equipped with scientific echo sounders and sonars from Simrad.

research vessel hokku-maru
"Hokko-Maru" is owned by the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute in Japan.

Operated by the Fisheries Agency of Japan, the "Hokko-Maru" fisheries research vessel is mainly engaged in the research of marine resources and oceanic environment off the coasts of Japan as well as off-shore areas, e.g. the North Pacific Ocean, the Japan Sea and Okhotsk Sea.

"Hokko-Maru" was built in 1976. Its total length is approximately 50 meters, width is 9 meters. Gross tonnage is 466.49 tons.

Simrad systems on "Hokko-Maru"

"Hokko-Maru" is equipped with the following Simrad systems:

  • Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounders with operational frequencies ranging from 12 to 400 kHz (six systems)
  • Simrad SP70 sonar system with scientific output
  • Simrad FS20/25 third wire trawl positioning and monitoring system