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Vessel Performance

Vessel Performance solution is part of the Kognifai Maritime Ecosystem and promotes an evidencebased, data-driven culture of continuous improvement. Our inte-grated solution allows the customer to make informed decisions for more efficient vessel and fleet operations.

  • Reduce energy usage, emissions and operating costs

  • Real-time data to both ship and shore

  • Available for any vessel type with equipment from any manufacturer


Vessel Performance helps improve crew’s awareness of their ship’s performance, supports environmental compliance, and can assist customers to reduce energy usage, fuel consumption and operating costs. Vessel Performance offers an enhanced ability to improve the performance of an individual vessel or an entire fleet. The system provides details on fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency levels benchmarked against historical performance, allowing the crew to exploit opportunities to minimise fuel usage and ut emissions. Vessel Performance is highly customisable and can be configured to meet specific customer needs across a wide range of vessels.