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Simrad SY50

The Simrad SY50 is a compact omnidirectional medium frequency fish-finding
sonar designed for coastal fisheries.

The SY50 is mainly designed for smaller fishing vessels. It still offers the latest technology available. This includes functionality you have formerly found only on the larger sonars and acoustic systems we have delivered.

Key features

  • Small and compact, fits even on smaller fishing vessels
  • Easy to install
  • 10 metres transducer cable
  • 360 degrees omnidirectional
  • Operating frequency is adjustable from 54 to 60 kHz
  • Operating range up to 2000 metres
  • CW and FM pulse forms
  • Tilt from +10 to -60°
  • Narrow beams
  • Large dynamic range
  • High definition
  • Stabilized by internal sensor, can connect to external motion reference
    unit (MRU)
  • Easy operation
  • Store and recall sonar data
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Clear and easily comprehensive sonar data
  • 256 transceiver channels

System description

The Simrad SY50 is a small and compact omnidiorectional sonar.

  • The transceiver electronics have been placed inside the cylindrical transducer. This means less cables, less noise and easier installation.
  • The hull unit can be placed on an installation trunk with a diameter of only eight inches. The height of the trunk and the length of the transducer shaft can be adjusted to fit the size of the vessel.
  • The transducer can be lowered to 40 or 60 centimetres below the hull.

The centre operational frequency is 57 kHz, but you can select any operational frequency from 54 to 60 kHz in steps of 0.5 kHz. This frequency range gives you an operating range of up to 2000 metres depending on the acoustic conditions.

The cylindrical multi-element transducer allows the omnidirectional sonar beams to be tilted electronically from +10 to -60° in 1° steps. This permits you to automatically track schools of fish, and to observe the whole water volume around the vessel. A built-in stabilizing system is included for electronic pitch and roll compensation, but you can connect to an external sensor for improved accuracy.


The compact size and ease of installation makes the Simrad SY50 ideal for vessels with limited room for a sonar installation. There is no transceiver cabinet, only a small power supply. All the transceiver electronics are contained inside the transducer.

The communication between the hull unit and the computer on the bridge is limited to a single Ethernet cable. Both the hull unit and the computer may also operate on DC power. This makes the SY50 a perfect choice for coastal fishing vessels that have no 3-phase power system on-board. Using 256 individual receiver- and transmitter channels the SY50 offers a clear and high-resolution sonar presentation, one that is not previously seen on a sonar in this price range. Our well known “large sonar“ functions like full beam stabilisation, vertical views, FM transmission, single-ping transmission (horizontal and vertical in one ping) are included. The popular “Winson” operating software known from all Simrad products is used. With the familiar user interface available in almost 20 languages the SY50 is exceptionally easy to use.

The SY50 is provided with a small and compact computer. This computer does not contain any fans or other moving parts. It can therefore safely be installed and used in a humid environment.


To simplify the basic operating features we can provide a small operating panel. This panel is smaller than the other panels we have. It is easy to install among other equipment on a populated control desk. The operating panel communicate with the computer using a single USB cable.

System diagram


(A) Display (Second display is optional)
(B) Processor Unit
(C) Operating Panel (Option)
(D) Power Supply Unit
(E) Hull Unit
(F) Hoist motor
(G) Installation trunk
(H) Transducer

Hull unit power must always be turned on

It is very important that the power to the SY50 hull unit is always turned on, even when the sonar is not being used. If the power is turned off, the force of gravity may cause the transducer to be inadvertently lowered. The sonar has a safety function that will automatically hoist the transducer if unexpected problems arise. This function prevents the transducer from being lowered when the sonar is not in use, but then the power must be turned on.


Услуги и поддержка

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our 24/7 technical support team is there to help at any time, day or night, wherever your vessel is.


    We understand the importance of having the right parts, available in the right place, at the right time.

  • Training

    Ensure that your crew is properly and thoroughly trained. This will reduce operational risk, downtime and maximise return on asset investment.