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Sustainability strategy and priority

KONGSBERG delivers high-tech products and services to our customers in an international market. Our business strategy provides the direction and principles that form the basis for our success in the future. Our sustainability strategy supports the mapping of risk and opportunities in the markets where we compete. KONGSBERG’s technology and expertise could help to address future needs.

Our position

In 2015, our position was clarified through our new strategy “Technology for Global Challenges”, based on our business strategy. We have continued this in 2018, and use the UN sustainable development goals in our work in developing the strategy. Our most important contribution to a greener footprint is through technology and solutions for our customers. Applying more sustainable thinking in our innovation also strengthened our global competitiveness.

KONGSBERG has a significant technology and expertise portfolio that includes solutions for aquaculture and food production, sustainable resource management, climate and environmental research, transport and renewable energy.

Technology companies such as KONGSBERG are very important for sustainable ocean resource utilisation. Here we see significant opportunities and KONGSBERG the “ocean expert” will play an important role in exploiting this potential. In 2018, we signed up to the UN initiative for sustainable use and ocean management. You can read more about this in the sustainable innovation focus area in this report, and on the UN website

Our challenges

Based on our broad portfolio of products and services, our growth ambitions and current global challenges, we need to be ambitious, always deliver what our customers expect and adapt to the markets we operate in.

Our stakeholders play an important role in defining our most important priorities going forward. We gather input through our continuous contact with business partners, participation in various meeting arenas and in one-to-one meetings. Our materiality assessment focuses on 5 main topics:

  • Responsible Business Conduct
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Health, Safety and the Environment & People
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the supply chain
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

On the following pages you can read more about these topics and why they are important for us.