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Health, Safety and the Environment & People

KONGSBERG is an enterprise based on knowledge and expertise, where the greatest asset is our employees. We must offer a safe, exciting, attractive and evolving workplace to attract a diversity of the right competences and ensure we manage this through our global operations.

Our position

KONGSBERG’s vision for health, safety and the environment is zero events, accidents or fatal injuries involving our employees, visitors, customers or partners in our global operations. To achieve this vision, KONGSBERG continuously works on building a strong culture with visible corporate management – a culture where we conduct risk analyses on a frequent basis to implement risk reduction measures. Safety must always come first, and our employees and partners are instructed to stop work if it involves a safety risk. We all have a personal responsibility for making our joint HSE efforts preventive.

We will work systematically with HSE to ensure a good working environment, prevent injuries and accidents and work to reduce sickness absence. There is a focus on increasing the number of reported near-accidents and HSE observations, and these measures will contribute to reduce the number of injuries and accidents. HSE data are collected from all companies in the Group and are reported to the corporate executive management and then to the Board each quarter.

We are committed to prevent discrimination and prevent harassment. We have zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour and motivate our employees to report such incidents.

Leadership at Kongsberg is all about creating values and achieving results through people. The key to success lies in the combination of good management and dedicated employees. Managers shall exercise their leadership based on our values, the Corporate Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and management principles. On the basis of this, we have implemented a management development programme, Leadership@KONGSBERG, that will contribute to clarifying and quality assuring processes for goal setting, follow-up and evaluation.

An important condition for long-term success is that KONGSBERG properly manages employee competencies. The Group is aiming to increase the exchange of knowledge and staff between the business areas. Good work processes and development opportunities are important incentives in recruiting and retaining good employees. KONGSBERG puts emphasis on strengthening competences and is continuously working to develop our employees. Individuals and teams who comply with our values and demonstrate good behaviour are to be appreciated. This culture will help us attract people with the right competences and behaviour to address the technical challenges of tomorrow in a sustainable manner. Every other year, a global job satisfaction survey is conducted to provide feedback on how employees experience working conditions and the working environment.

We support and respect international human rights and labour rights that are set out in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ILO (International Labour Organisation) Core Conventions and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

KONGSBERG will ensure that the salaries and conditions of all employees are in accordance with local legislation, agreements and guidelines.

Diversity and gender equality creates value and makes us more competitive. It expands the mind-set and has a positive influence on the company’s strategy and management. Therefore, we work systematically and purposefully to recruit, develop and retain people of different age groups, ethnicity and gender. Diversity must be implemented as a focus of promotion, recruitment and management development, with periodic measurement and follow-ups. The 2018 goal for diversity and gender equality was to increase the share of women in management positions, with a focus on operational positions and international operations. This focus area will be continued in 2019.

Our challenges

We operate in nearly 30 countries and security and emergency preparedness for our personnel is our top priority. Our ethical guidelines provide a clear framework for how we work, regardless of country and region. They give us the license to operate and are essential for our very existence and our reputation. Our international growth involves new partners and supplier chains, which means increased focus on matters related to human rights and labour rights.

A world of instability and many threats requires a higher degree of information and security of our intellectual property rights. We rely on having loyal employees who follow our standards of confidentiality and integrity. Risk management and vulnerability analysis are tools for applying the right level of security.

Due to digitalisation and accelerating technological development, our employees need to upgrade their skills continuously. Moreover, it will lead to new knowledge requirements in the future. KONGSBERG is a global company with employees located throughout the world. This leads to major variations within language, culture and ethnicity, and requires good and effective leadership. Knowledge sharing and collaboration through networks across the established structures provides added value for the company and is expected to become a more usual working method.

We must communicate effectively and through appropriate channels both internally and externally. Both our social media profile and our 6,842 employees should reflect this in relation to the outside world.

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