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Telemetry Transmitters & Beacons

Space Electronics Telemetry Transmitters (Tx) and Beacons (Bx) are designed for use onboard GEO commercial telecom satellites.


  • C-, Ku- and Ka-band Output power: > +27 dBm
  • Single or Dual or Flexible Frequency
  • Synthesized frequency, 100 kHz steps for all bands
  • Carrier Frequency Stability: ±4 ppm
  • Phase modulation of ranging and telemetry signals
  • Digital or analogue video telemetry input
  • Modulation Bandwidth: up to 1 MHz
  • High data-rate bi-phase modulation up to 1 Mbps
  • Space Qualified to ESA and Multi-prime Environmental Requirements
  • Bus voltage range from 28 V to 100 V


In orbit:

  • Twelve C-band Beacons
  • Twentyfour Ku-band Beacons
  • Seven Ku-band Transmitters

Delivered, to be launched:

  • Four Ka-band Transmitters

Under contract for delivery in 2017/18:

    • Four Ku-band Agile Transmitters
    • Two C-band Agile Transmitters
    • Two Ku-band Agile Beacons

 Beacon 320x187

 for further information and product sheet.