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SAW Filters

SAW Filters


Kongsberg Norspace is the world leading SAW filter supplier for space applications. Since early 1990’s more than 400 different designs have been completed and over 14 000 devices have been supplied globally to all major satellite manufacturers. In late 2011 more than 9 000 devices in orbit in more than 140 satellites have accumulated over 630 million hours of operating lifetime.

Kongsberg Norspace has a unique line of processes from analyzing the customer requirements through design, simulation, manufacturing and test. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced personnel on all levels ensuring performance, quality and long-life stability.

Applications span from classical IF filters at VHF and UHF frequencies to advanced RF devices at L- and S-band.

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Kongsberg Norspace SAW filters are used as

  • Anti-aliasing and mirror rejecting filters in receivers and up/down frequency converters for onboard (digital) processors
  • Channel and subchannel filters in transparent satellites, often combined in filter banks and flexible signal routing arrangements
  • Noise reduction filters in UHF and L-Band transponders
  • Notch filters in upconverters from baseband
  • Oscillators based on SAW resonators

Materials and filter Topologies

Kongsberg Norspace uses several types of materials and topologies depending on application, function and performance requirements.


SAW filter



Max BW

Freq Range

Temp. Coeff
[ppm/ deg C]

Suitable Topologies

Quarts 34-42Y-X


30 - 3000


Transversal, resonators, notch
LiTaO3, X-112Y


50 - 800


LiNbO3, YZ


100 - 1300


LiNbO3, 64Y-X


100 - 2000


IEF, wideband resonators



Type Characteristics
Transversal filters
  • Independent design of amplitude and phase, normal implementation is linear phase and flat amplitude (< 0.5 dB)
  • High frequency selectivity (low shape factor) with excellent passband response
  • Easy design & manufacturing
  • High frequency operation due to operations at 3rd harmonic response
Resonator Elements
  • Acoustic reflectors and active transducer elements in a cavity configuration
  • Can be coupled together and used to build complex filter responses, such as narrowbanded filters, low loss filters, notch filters and IEFs
  • The resonator element can be a single or dual electrical port (one or two active transducers)
Resonator Filter
  • Filters based on one or more coupled resonators to achieve a narrowbanded passband response
  • The resonators can be either electrically or acoustic coupled or combination thereof
  • Low insertion loss
Notch Filters
  • Coupling between 3 or 5 dual port resonators to achieve a deep notch (25-35 dB) very close to a flat passband
  • An Impedance Element Filter is a combination of single port resonator elements in ladder and lattice configurations building a bandpass filter response
  • Low losses and operation up to 3 GHz are achieved

Manufacturing Capability and Capacity

The Kongsberg Norspace SAW manufacturing line consists of

  • Wafer processing, based on deep UV exposure systems with line widths down to 0.30 µm (class 10-100)
  • Automated wafer probing for easy and large scale testing of devices
  • Semi-automated assembly line (Class 1 000)
  • Automated test systems for performance characterisation over temperature
  • Advanced process control, based on monitoring of process quality and stability

Quality and Screening

SAW filters supplied by Kongsberg Norspace are manufactured and screened according to MIL-PRF-38534 and with a few exceptions also to ESA/SCC Generic Specification no. 3502 for SAW devices.

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Product List

The Kongsberg Norspace SAW Design portfolio consist of more than 300 different designs spanning from 30 MHz and up 3 GHz. Many filters are custom designs, thus the below list is not complete. If you have a specific need and do not find it in the list, contact us directly.

Please note that this list is not a guaranteed performance. Data may change without notification.