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The company

Kongsberg Norspace is a world leading supplier of equipment and components to the international space industry. The company is a globally recognised specialist in analogue and microwave electronics for satellites and signal interface electronics to launchers. Our products include payload equipment for analogue signal processing, frequency generation and Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TTC), as well as a range of building blocks also offered as stand alone products. These include SAW filters and modules, signal amplifiers, filter banks, frequency converters, switch matrices, frequency synthesizers, VCO's. Look to our product pages for more information.

Kongsberg Norspace is a direct continuation of former AME Space and Alcatel Space Norway (ASN), whose activities were started in 1984. Over its almost 30 years of operation Kongsberg Norspace and its predecessors have supplied electronics, including 15000 SAW devices and microelectronic circuits, to more than 150 satellites to customers worldwide. By end 2012, over 140 satellites in orbit utilize parts and equipment supplied out of the Horten, Norway facility, including 9000 SAW devices.

The company is process oriented and continuously improves its already high-class design and manufacturing facilities. We have in-house facilities for electronics production and test in clean-room environment, and environment test facilities for equipment.

Kongsberg Norspace is certified to ISO 9001:2008.


Kongsberg Norspace is now working to become ISO14001 certified.
Konsberg Norspace do not need special discharge permits. We use (have) a small quantity of chemicals, and all chemicals and waste is sorted and retrieved by a waste disposal company. 
The disposal company ensures proper disposal in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
A large liquid nitrogen tank outside our building provides nitrogen gas to our production lines. Nitrogen is a harmless gas - the air contains 79% nitrogen. The white fog sometimes seen around the base of the tank is frozen water from air cooled by the cold areas around the gas.
To reduce possible disturbing noise from our facility we turn off the ventilation after working hours.

If you would like to address any issues or questions, please contact us by mail: or phone +47 33 03 27 00 

The company is located in Horten, Norway.