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Kongsberg Norspace facilities comprise a total area of 3,100 sqm (33,000 sq. ft) where of 1000 sqm (10,800 sq ft) are in six manufacturing clean rooms. The manufacturing clean rooms range cover

* SAW wafer processing, 80 sqm, class 10-100
* Thin film substrates processing, 60 sqm, class 1,000
* SAW filter and Hybrid Microcircuit assembly, 210 sqm, class 1,000 - 10,000
* SAW and Hybrid Microcircuit test, 60 sqm, class 1,000 - 10,000
* Equipment / PCB assembly, 230 sqm, class 100,000
* Module and equipment test, 360 sqm, class 100,000

The clean rooms are all well equipped with necessary manufacturing tools and equipment and operated by a highly skilled and experienced staff. This ensures a low cost & risk, yet high quality, manufacturing process.

The SAW wafer processing clean room supports all the processes from naked wafer to complete processed wafer ready for dicing: Crystal wafer cleaning, metal (Al, Mo, W or Au) deposition, photo resist deposition, deep UV contact printing, pattern developing, RF sputter etching and Reactive Ion Etching (RIE). Patterning is achieved by lift-off or chemical etching. The processes are capable of supporting pattern resolution down to 0.3┬Ám over a 4-inch wafer.

The Thin film substrate clean room is used for patterning of pre-metallised ceramic substrates and for SAW wafer probing and dicing. The thin film processes cover substrate cleaning, photo resist deposition, UV contact printing, pattern developing, chemical etching and cleaning. The substrates employ TaN (can also use NiCr) for resistive layer, TiW (Tungsten) for barrier layer and Au (5-10u) as conductive layer.

The SAW and hybrid microcircuit assembly clean room is used for all assembly activities up to completely hermetically sealed SAW and hybrid microcircuits. The processes cover: Die attachment (epoxy), gold wire bonding (ball, wedge and ribbon), substrate active or passive resistor laser trimming, seam welding. Several machines are available for each of the various processes, including fully automatic machines for glue dispensing, die attachment and wire bonding. Separate work stations with enhanced cleanliness are used for SAW assembly.

The Equipment/PCB assembly area is used for assembly of printed circuit boards (attachment and soldering of packaged components), assembly and integration of PCB's onto mechanical housing (structure).

The Test area is used for electrical and thermal, including thermal vacuum, testing of sealed components (SAW and hybrid micro circuits), modules, subassemblies and complete equipment.

Separate screening rooms with leak tester, shock tester and several thermal chambers are used for screening of sealed hybrid circuits.

All rooms are subject to continuous cleanliness and climatic monitoring and control, including ESD. Manufacturing and test equipment are also subject to monitoring on regular basis to fulfil operational requirement ranging from daily statistical process control to pre-set calibration routines.

The Kongsberg Norspace facilities can typically support production of 100-200 SAW devices and hybrids, depending on complexity, and some tens of kilo high-rel electronic assembly and test per week.