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External Relations

NIFRO: Kongsberg Norspace is member of NIFRO the Norwegian space industry association, comprising 16 members and representing the space industry in Norway with a total turnover of more than 600 million Euros.

HVE: Kongsberg Norspace has a co-operation agreement with the local county University College, Høgskolen i Vestfold. In the frame of this co-operation Kongsberg Norspace employees are invited to give lectures on selected topics, students can run projects at Kongsberg Norspace and Kongsberg Norspace can run R&D projects at the university. In addition HVE and Kongsberg Norspace will co-operate on long term research involving Ph.D. students.

NCE Microsystems: Norway has appointed nine strong clusters consisting of world class enterprises in their field. Together, these clusters of excellence make the NCE programme. The small town of Horten in Vestfold has become the centre for a Norwegian micro technology fairy-tale. Enterprise and long-term thinking have created the basis for a very special industrial environment consisting of several successful companies. NCE Microsystems' overall objective is to contribute to increased growth and renewal for the companies in the group and to create new companies with international potential.

EC: Kongsberg Norspace is member of Electronic Coast – Organisation for ICT and electronic companies in Vestfold county. EC contains of 37 companies with activities such as technical and management network groups, leadership academy, seminars a.o.

Vestfold Kompetanse AS
A local "in-electronic-training"-centre established to help recruiting personnel to the industry. The purpose is to promote and follow up apprentice contracts and post-qualifying education. Vestfold Kompetanse supports electronic companies in Vestfold (county).

AVANSE: Local network with 7 electronic companies and The Norwegian Employment Service. Main purpose: Exchanging manpower on a non-profit basis, to secure deliveries and constantly upgrading skills.