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Offshore Surveillance Systems

Collision and aviodance safety and security systems. 

With Kongsberg Norcontrol's automatic detection and tracking technology, our Collision Avoidance Safety and Security Systems provide early collision warnings from approaching vessels and timely notification of real threats. Our systems send automatic warnings for vessels threatening the platform or entering restricted areas, and can detect small craft, which could be used for boarding a platform, as well as higher-level threats such as swimmers, divers, and underwater craft.

Oil Spill Detection

The Kongsberg Norcontrol radar-based Oil Spill Detection (OSD) system detects and follows spills so that immediate action can be taken to minimize impact, organize and manage cleanup operations, and identify the responsible parties. Our OSD system runs as an integrated module within a Collision Avoidance System or as a stand-alone system.

Logistics Management

All own company assets, such as supply and standby vessels, crew boats and helicopters, are tracked and displayed to improve security and provide logistics management. Logistics Management Tools include: movements and route planning, optimization of cargo loading, crew rostering, and management and invoicing of chartered supply vessels.

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