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KNC Remote Access

With the latest generation of VTMIS, Kongsberg Norcontrol customer support technicians, via dialog, are able to access a customer's installation site (LAN) from anywhere in the world and utilise system documentation, build-in-test (BIT) programs, and remote diagnostics.

This means that once a remote link is established, a Kongsberg Norcontrol technician can view the same work station display as the on-site operator, with access to the component(s) in need of maintenance or repair.

Remote Access has several advantages, the most obvious being the ability to view, diagnose, and solve system problems without actually visiting the installation site.  It is also helpful when operators require specific instructions about operating the VTMIS.

If you are an existing Kongsberg Norcontrol customer and would like to know more about this service, use the information request link below and select "Service and Support.".