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Our Values

Our values are normative for how we behave and work, and characterise our cooperation within and outside the company.

Our corporate vision reminds us where we are heading. It is our horizon. It is the point we always aim for in our work. While we're on our journey, our values are our guiding principles, the things we carry with us always. They make us what we are. They let us know how we should behave, as individuals and as a company. Only by following our values, will we be able to achieve the objectives we've set out in our vision, and hence create value for our stakeholders.


We are known for our drive and persistence. We always strive to meet our customers' expectations. We set ambitious goals for ourselves and we are driven towards them with a clear and constant focus. 

What we start, we finish. We do not give in.


Always performing better is a vital part of who we are. We constantly innovate and implement improvements in all parts of our business – from our products, through our processes, to our customers' experiences. 

We relentlessly pursue improvements, new ideas and new solutions.


Collaboration is fundamental to our business. We exchange ideas among ourselves, with our suppliers and partners, and with our customers. We work as teams, we share knowledge and we value team success – to the benefit of our customers and our own competitiveness. 

We collaborate as individuals and as an organization.


Our customers and partners can trust KONGSBERG to deliver, always. Dealing with KONGSBERG means dealing with reliable people, a reliable corporation and reliable products. KONGSBERG is a responsible organization characterised by integrity and concern for health, safety and the environment. We are reliable people.

We are responsible citizens.

We strive to be WORLD CLASS - through people, technology and dedication.