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History of Kongsberg Norcontrol

Kongsberg Norcontrol System's expertise in the area of VTMIS technology germinates from its successful development of marine radar collision avoidance systems, target data extraction, and display technology in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In the mid-seventies, Kongsberg Norcontrol Systems turned its attention to harbour, coastal, and offshore radar surveillance, conducting extensive studies in several countries to understand the current and future requirements of port authorities, coast guards, and offshore oil related companies.

From these studies, Kongsberg Norcontrol concluded that a modern VTMIS must be designed to meet the specific present and future needs of its operators and their environment.  Based on these findings as well as their maritime expertise, Kongsberg Norcontrol Systems established a VTMIS Department in 1978. They delivered the first two systems in 1979 to the Tees and Hartlepool Port Authority in England and to British Petroleum for the Magnus North Sea Oil Field. From this beginning, Kongsberg Norcontrol Systems rapidly grew to become the market leader, with a dominant share of the world VTMIS market.

Control IT

Control IT was founded in 1995 by a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers who quickly involved themselves in large scale, highly critical projects.  In its first years, Control IT worked extensively in Singapore and developed a traffic surveillance system for the Singapore Port of Authorities (MPA). It took on a broad spectrum of projects and assignments including database software product development, e-commerce implementation, and contract development for customers doing business in Asia. It also served as a technical consultant for a variety of companies, including Kongsberg Norcontrol systems.  In 1997, Control IT expanded from its main office outside Oslo, Norway, to open branches in Singapore and then in Nagpur, India in 1999, thus creating an international network of technology professionals.

Norcontrol IT

Norcontrol IT was born on June 5, 2000, from a merger between Kongsberg Norcontrol Systems and Control IT. Kongsberg Norcontrol Systems brought to the newly merged company more than 120 VTMIS installations and over two decades of expertise and experience as the world's leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of VTMIS solutions. Control IT added its strength in the field of information technologies and database software development.  Norcontrol IT continued its tradition of innovative technology development through a next generation of maritime database software, as well as a sophisticated maritime domain awareness solution called C-Scope.  Norcontrol IT also gained several important customers, including the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency and the Dubai Ports Authority.

Kongsberg Norcontrol

In November 2005, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace acquired 100% ownership of Norcontrol IT.  While we remain a separate, private company, Norcontrol IT is now integrated into a newly established division within KDA: Land Systems & Surveillance, which provides maritime and land based surveillance systems for civilian, military and other public installations at national and international levels.