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AIS physical shore stations



A physical shore station is the site where the AIS data transmitted from ships is received. Either an AIS shore / base station or an AIS repeater is installed at these sites.

AIS base station

The AIS base station is the primary component in an AIS physical shore station, and the most important component in a coastal AIS network. Our AIS base station receives and communicates AIS data from all AIS sources (AIS mobile stations, other AIS base stations, AIS aids to navigation units etc.) within the coverage area. The AIS base station can operate alone or cooperate in a network, enabling a cost efficient coastal surveillance system. The BS600 / 610 is designed, tested and approved in accordance with all relevant international standards regulating AIS infrastructure equipment. All functionality defined by international regulations is supported. The AIS BS600 / 610 is type approved by BSH according to IEC62320-1.

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