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Sonar Processing Software - MS1000

The MS1000 Sonar Processing Software is a Windows-based application that can be configured to control the complete digital line of KONGSBERG's single-beam scanning sonar and altimeter products. The software program converts any standard personal computer (PC) into a fully functional sonar processor without the need for additional boards or hardware, and is designed to ensure compliance to reliability, statutory and regulatory requirements.

There are two editions of MS1000 software, the Express Edition and the Standard Edition. The Express Edition provides basic functions for the Company's sonar heads and does not require a security key for operation. The Standard Edition of MS1000 software is for customers requiring increased functionality. This version has many advanced features for data interpretation that are beneficial to various underwater applications. Please see the chart below for a complete list of features available in each edition.


  • 3D profiling possible with rotating device
  • Track Plotter module allows user to plot scanned area, geo-reference targets and create GeoTIFFs
  • Target tracking
  • Simultaneous multi-head operation
  • Coordinate system support – supports local coordinate system for different countries and territories

Feature Comparison Chart

Features MS1000 Express MS1000 Standard
Telemetry Interface:
RS232/RS485 X X
Ethernet X X
Sonar Head Support    
Single altimeter X X
Single sonar head (excluding high-resolution) X X
High-resolution head   X
Multiple sonar head operation   X
Multiple device synchronization   X
Sonar Head Operation Settings:    
Panel gain X X
Range X X
Scan width and heading X X
Scan speed X X
Transmit power X X
Frequency (fixed and tuneable) X X
Transmit pulse type (CW, LFM) X X
Baud rate X X
Scan mode polar X X
Scan mode sector X X
Scan mode side-scan   X
Scan mode echo-sounder   X
Pulse length   X
Bandwidth   X
Time varying gain (TVG)   X
Peak detection   X
Compression   X
Target Tracking   X
Profiling and data exporting   X
Sonar Display Settings:    
Colour palette selection X X
Grids, cursors and annotations X X
Multilingual user interface X X
Slant range correction   X
Measurement tools X X
Remote keypad X X
Snap shot (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF) X X
True zoom   X
Event marker   X
External Sensor Support:    
NMEA standard sensor (GPS, compass, MRU, etc.) X X
Valeport® MIDAS CTD sensor   X
Track Plotter Survey features:    
Helmsman display   X
Survey line planning   X
Survey area coverage display   X
Survey map/chart planning   X
GeoTIFF importing   X
Coordinate projection and datum shift   X
Sonar location coordinates calibration   X
Event marker recording and replay   X
Program sonar factory baud rate X X
Upgrade sonar firmware X X
Factory reset of settings X X
Data recording and playback X X
Error message log window and file X X
Multiple user operation   X
Optional Features:    
3D profiling   X

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