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Simrad C-All

The Simrad C-All is a single beam transducer designed for fish finding applications. The transducer body includes four different transducer elements providing four operational frequencies: 38, 70, 120 and 200 kHz.

Simrad C-All

It is a well-established fact that the echo sounder operating frequency is important for good results. This is because the echo strength of different fish species varies with frequency. Some fish species are easier to find with a high frequency than a low one, and vice versa. This is also important if you are going to find smaller species, such as shrimp or krill.

At the same time, lower frequencies generally have longer range. A low frequency allows you to find both fish and the bottom when working in deep water. For these reasons, many echo sounder systems are equipped with more than one transducer. Some people prefer two transducers to work with two different frequencies, others want more. This increases the price of the echo sounder, and entails  increased installation costs.

The C‑All transducer is a long-awaited solution for many users. With four different operating frequencies in a single transducer body, you get a complete frequency range. The transducer is also specially adapted to our Wide Band Transceiver (WBT). This means that you – with only a few main parts - can assemble a professional single-beam echo sounder suitable for all types of fishing.

The Simrad C-All offers a large bandwidth. This provides a fine range resolution, which is important for single fish detection and target strength measurements.

The transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating. A clamping ring is used to secure the transducer body to a mounting ring. The mounting ring is welded to the bottom plate. The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a cable gland. The cable gland consists of a bushing, rubber gasket, washers and a packing nipple.
The transducer can also be flush mounted at the bottom of a blister or a drop keel.


  • Frequencies: 38, 70, 120 and 200 kHz
  • Circular beamwidth: 18 degrees
  • Cable length: 20 metres
  • Weight (in air, with cable): 12.2 kg

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